About my work

My most recent work is an attempt to weave a wave.

This endlessly fascinating challenge - trying to capture the colour, light and movement of the sea by the slow, meditative medium of woven tapestry is almost impossible but seems to have become an obsession with me.


I return each year to a place called Willyabrup where the enormous surfing waves of the Indian Ocean meet the dramatic southwest coast of Western Australia. Here I sit and draw and paint and struggle to understand how the breaking wave changes shape. The brilliant light flashes intense green, turquoise, blue and white as the wave turns and builds again and again.


I do not try to reproduce a specific scene but I strive to capture the mood of a place, its light and its colour, and to find an equivalent for all that exhilarating sound and movement.


The soft organic quality of yarns, the way they reflect light – and their endless possibilities for colour mixing – are a constant inspiration to me, as is the landscape.


Weaving a large tapestry takes time, concentration and dedication so I also enjoy working on a smaller scale and exploring images in a less time consuming way by making dyed and wrapped pieces, drawings and paintings, often working directly in the landscape.


At the moment I am working on a seies of paintings which I may develop further as weavings or dyed pieces. I have used text from my diary, writing and overlaying the words until the image becomes almost illegible but begins to resemble the agitated surface of the sea.



'Breaking Wave 2014' woven tapestry 26x9cms

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